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Ray Stitch was created by Rachel Hart - an avid ‘maker’ of all things - and was borne out of the desire to find not only good quality materials but also the necessary tools and accessories all in one place. Her sadness, shared with many, at the demise of the high street haberdashery shop - traditionally the place where a sewer could spend an enjoyable hour carefully choosing the bits and pieces for a planned project - drove her to create a modern version of the very same.

Rachel set up an online shop in 2008 and moved into shop premises in August 2011. The shop operates over two floors and incorporates a coffee/sandwich bar on the ground floor with space for sewing classes and events below in the basement.

Ray Stitch is committed to a conscious approach to product sourcing and considerations of the environmental impact and fair trade practices of production. Many of the products we sell are organically or sustainably produced and increasingly, more products are becoming available which possess these virtues and are also beautifully designed. Virtuous AND beautiful - a winning combination!

We have everything you need here but don’t be daunted if you think the amount of ‘stuff’ you need to get started is overwhelming. Use what you already have: if you have a bit of experience, don’t buy a pattern, copy something you own and love already; don’t buy new fabric, cut up something in the charity shop bag and use new trims and buttons to give it a fresh lease of life; or buy new fabric but use buttons you already have.

Recycle what you can - you know it makes you feel good! That’s not say we don’t want you to buy our lovely, well-chosen products - we do! But we hope as well that whatever you purchase might inspire you to mix, adapt and customise in order to make something absolutely your own.