Online Boro Workshop - Stitch & Repair

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Join us over Zoom for a mindful session of hand stitching and learn the art of visible mending and traditional Japanese repair work.

This is a single session workshop that explores the art of Boro. This term is derived from Japanese boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired, it is a process that is perfect for beginners to learn hand stitching by way of experimenting with Sashiko, a simple running stitch that can be as rudimentary or elaborate as you want it to be.

Level: No previous experience is necessary however we also welcome experienced stitchers should they want to learn more about this intriguing process. 

The objective of this class is to use hand stitches including Sashiko to repair or strengthen an item piece or fabric or item of clothing. We will begin the class by learning and discussing more about Boro and look through examples of how Boro has been used historically. Immersed in beautiful imagery and stitch samples, you will start to use this as inspiration to create your own samplers. You can spend your time in class practicing and create a stand alone textile or you can start working on a garment to repair and strengthen any tears and holes.

You will cover the following techniques in class:

  • Learn a brief history of Boro and Sashiko stitching
  • Explore different stitches and how they can be utilised to repair your garment
  • Practice and develop an understanding of visible mending.

This class brings together like minded people while exploring your creative side, with guidance from our workshop leader and a few hours practice, you will accomplish a new skill that will help prolong the life of your clothes. 

Materials: We invite you to bring an item of clothing to repair. You can also can use scraps of fabric to practise the techniques and create a patchwork. You will need patches of fabric to incorporate into your mending, Sashiko needles (a long darning needle can be substituted) and Sashiko or embroidery thread. Our teacher uses Madeira thread, which is available in our shop and online.