Fibre Mood - Peaches Trousers

The Peaches trousers trousers are a true classic that frequently make an appearance on the fashion scene these days. These pleated trousers are high-waisted, wide-legged and have convenient side pockets. Expert sewistas can add welt pockets at the back for extra flair. However, if you had something a little easier in mind, skip the welt pockets. If you’re a fan of monochrome outfits, then these trousers are perfect for pairing with the Kai blazer in the same shade. 


Recommended Fabrics: The Peaches trousers should be made in a fabric with a fluid drape. Crepe (made of wool, polyester or viscose, etc. ), for example, works well. Linen is your go-to for a summer version of these trousers. Cotton is also an option, but it creates a slightly stiffer effect. Whatever you decide, be sure to opt for a medium to heavyweight fabric.

Level: Intermediate

Sizes: 32 - 58 (EU)   0 - 26 (US)   4 - 30 (UK)

See image for sizing and material requirements.