Zero Waste Week

Join us this September for a series of workshops created in support of

Zero Waste Week - 3rd - 11th September 2022

Counter to our whole raison d'etre, these workshops are designed to discourage you from buying new fabric and make use of recycled textiles,
remnants and scraps instead! 
Turn some pretty old curtains into a stylish new dress, use random small pieces from your stash to create a matchy-matchy top, make a bag from the smallest piece of fabric possible or use fabric scraps to make re-usable cloths... #ReduceReuseRecycle

Founded in 2008, the Zero Waste Week team mission is to empower you to rethink ‘rubbish’ as a valuable resource and to make small changes that lead to more sustainable consumption patterns. We encourage you to creatively consider ways to effectively reduce landfill, save money and participate in the circular economy – in line with the Global Goals for sustainable development.

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