Kogin Counted Thread Sashiko

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Maximum Class Size: 6

Level: Beginners

Kogin embroidery is a type of Sashiko, originating in the Northern part of Japan, in Aomori prefecture and is a type of counted thread work. It is stitched on an even weave fabric from side to side typically using an uneven number of threads (one, three or five in length) to make up geometric, symmetrical patterns, usually in squares in the form of diamond shapes.

There are around 45 patterns known as “Modoko”, which form the main set from which traditional Kogin is stitched.

However, there are many more designs available and, once you understand the construction of the designs, you will be able to invent and stitch your own using either a simple sheet of gridded graph paper or, even easier, using a Spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

The name “Kogin” derives from the Japanese word “koginu”, “ko” being “small” and ginu meaning “wear”, the name of a long Japanese jacket, which was often decorated with this technique.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to form the three basic length stitches and count threads

  • Where to start and how to neatly tidy your starting and ending threads on the back of your piece

  • How to start the next row without pulling in your stitches

  • How to sew a border pattern

  • How to sew one of a selection of Modoko Kogin patterns using a template provided

  • How to start out making your own designs

The tutor will show examples of their work to illustrate how the technique can be applied to modern designs

NOTE: Fabric, needle and thread are included in the class price.