Named Clothing - Tierra Wrap Skirt


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Casual straight-cut wrap skirt with asymmetrical hem that finishes below the knee. It has a wrap tie fastening that gathers the front beautifully and makes a feature of the bow. It is a double-layered skirt but you can use the same fabric for both the shell and lining.

Sizes: EUR 32 to 50 (US 0-18, UK 4-22).

Choose a light to medium weight jersey fabric with drape. The sample is made of ribbed jersey with polyester and elastane. However, because of the fit, we think that this could also work in wool, denim, linen and heavier chambrays. Note that for patterned or napped fabrics the fabric requirement may be higher.

You will need:
Fabric: 215 – 365 cm/ 2½ – 4 yd
Fusible knit interfacing: 125 cm/ 1½ yd (or woven interfacing for a non-knit fabric)

See image for full material requirements and sizing.

Please note that these patterns require tracing but the pieces do not overlap, and the seam allowance is included.