Recreate The Pattern For Your Favourite Trousers

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Maximum Class Size: 5 (reduced due to social distancing measures)

We all own a pair of trousers that fit like a glove and go with everything, wouldn’t it be great to make them up in lots of different fabrics?!

Level: This is an intermediate class, although there is no sewing involved during the class you will need a reasonable understanding of garment construction in order to take part and get the most from this workshop.

During this three hour session you will learn how to ‘trace off ‘ your favourite garment without opening any seams or deconstructing it in any way. With guidance from our experienced pattern cutter you will learn how to create an exact copy of the pattern pieces and add the correct seam allowances, darts and pleats etc. whilst your chosen garment stays completely intact. You will come away from class with your finished paper pattern (not a sewn garment) so you can go home* and make it over and over again...!

*Why not book onto one of our Freestyle Sewing Workshops for guidance from one of our experienced sewing teachers. They will help you to understand how to sew your garment together with ease, using the correct garment construction methods and order of work. Book your class within one week to receive a 10% discount.

Materials: Bring one or two items of clothing to class that you wish to copy, occasionally there is time to cover two garments in class or your teacher will use the most complicated item as an example and talk through how you would go about copying this. All tools & materials are included and refreshments are provided throughout your session.

Please Note: We also offer a separate class for recreating the pattern for your favourite top or dress, you will find this in the related products below.


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Recreate your Favourite Garment class on Saturday. It's the second class that I've done with Alice and she is such a great teacher.  I learnt so much and I love the idea of being able to create all my favourite garments.  Plus she makes it fun! Yesterday at 7pm I started making a dress and by 9pm it was finished, pressed and hanging in my wardrobe!" - Jo

"I have just spent a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon at Ray Stitch learning how to make a pattern to replicate a favourite dress, the afternoon was relaxed and extremely informative - Alice the tutor was extremely knowledgeable and very patient! I highly recommend finding an excuse to spend the afternoon at Ray Stitch it's the perfect antidote to a chaotic week!" - Jane