Introductory Pattern Cutting with Alice Prier

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Maximum Class Size: 6 

Can you always find the pattern for your dream dress in a perfect fit? The answer is probably no.

An understanding of how patterns work is an essential part of becoming a good dressmaker. It will save you time and trouble, ensure a good fit and help you unleash your inner designer. Our teacher Alice Prier has a wealth of experience in designing clothes with her own couture clothing practice and has many stories to share with you!

Alice teaches the widely acclaimed Telestia Method* which uses a unique template to achieve a great fit whatever your measurements and body shape and without the need for a lot of maths and difficult calculations.

Over the course of the weekend you will cover the following topics:

Day 1 - Technical

  • Take accurate body measurements
  • Draft a dress block and sleeve block
  • Learn how to use your block for separates
  • Add seam allowances and other markings
  • Make a calico toile
  • Do any small fit adjustments needed to ensure a perfect fit

Day 2 - Creative (& Technical!)

  • Pivoting darts Creating panels
  • Slash and spread
  • Changing necklines and adding collars
  • Adding ease and volume

These techniques form the basis of all pattern cutting and once you’ve grasped them you can make a pattern for anything from a bikini to an overcoat! You will learn how to adapt your block to create a variety of tops, skirts and dresses and how to introduce your own design details. We will also discuss the best way to combine your personal block with a commercial pattern.

A Telestia template will be provided for each student to use during the course and are available to buy with the instruction book for £80 if you’d like to make new pattern blocks in different sizes. You would not need to purchase one if you want to adapt the block to make different styles.

Level: These classes are aimed at confident sewers, you will get the most out of them if you have used commercial patterns before and have experience in making a variety of different garments.

Materials are provided. Please bring with you: A sewing machine and scissors will be allocated to you. We also recommend you either bring with you, or purchase from Ray Stitch, small tools such as pins, a tape measure, unpicker, needles, and thread snips.


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