• X-Stitch by Sarah Fordham
  • X-Stitch by Sarah Fordham
  • X-Stitch by Sarah Fordham

X-Stitch by Sarah Fordham

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This is a contemporary cross-stitch design and project book; a refreshing and modern take on the traditional craft of cross-stitching that will appeal to an audience that keeps up with current trends.

The reader will be guided through the materials and tools of the trade before being taught the fundamental techniques of cross-stitching.

Once the basics have been covered, chapters continue to explain how to read from a cross-stitch pattern and introduce a selection of designs that the reader can use, either for the projects featured in the book or in their personal projects.

Readers will also be taught how to create their own designs from scratch. The projects are divided into three sections, Simple, Trickier and Challenging. The projects are wide-ranging, from buttons, hair bobbles and brooches, to watch straps, coasters, tote bags, customized pumps and Peter Pan collars.

• ISBN: 9781861089069
• Publisher: GMC Books
• Format: Paperback
• Pages: 155
• Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 1cm