• Dylon Machine Dye - Smoke Grey
  • Dylon Machine Dye - Smoke Grey

Dylon Machine Dye - Smoke Grey

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Wake up your wardrobe or brighten your soft furnishings with Dylon’s colour fabric dyes.

Suitable for cotton, linen and viscose. Lighter shades will be achieved on polyester/cotton and polyester viscose mixes. Unsuitable for wool, silk, synthetic fibres and fabric with special finishes. Please note that colour mixing rules apply e.g. black dye on red fabric will create burgundy.

One machine pack dyes up to 600g of fabric (e.g. trousers, jeans) to full shade or 1.2kg (e.g. double duvet cover) to lighter shade. Use multiple packs for more fabric, but no more than 5!

Note: you do not need to use salt with these newer packs. Once damp fabric is in your machine, just peel off the plastic outer and pop the whole pod in.

Use in front loading, automatic machines only (not launderette machines).

Dyeing may not cover stains, faded areas or bleach marks and polyester stitching generally will not dye so bear that in mind.