About Us

Ray Stitch - the most stylish fabric shop in London! Created by Rachel Hart - an avid ‘maker’ of all things and borne out of the desire to find not only good quality fabrics but also the necessary tools and accessories all in one place. The demise of the high street haberdashery shop - traditionally the place where a sewer could spend an enjoyable hour carefully choosing the bits and pieces for a planned project - drove her to create a modern version of the very same.

Rachel set up an online shop in 2008 and moved into bricks and mortar premises at 99 Essex Road in Islington in 2010. The original shop expanded into larger premises at 66 Essex Road in 2017, our well-stocked shop is now a mecca for fabric lovers of all kinds - dressmakers, crafters, stylists, interior designers, male and female, young and old - there’s something for everyone.

Ray Stitch is proud of it’s carefully selected range of fabrics which is underpinned by a fully comprehensive range of high quality tools and accessories and a plethora of seductive buttons, ribbons and trims. We are committed to a conscious approach to product sourcing and many of the products we sell are organically or sustainably produced. Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Happily, the sewing bug is rapidly spreading and our sewing school is bursting with classes to appeal to everyone. As a beginner we can guide you right through all the stages of becoming a confident machine sewer. We also offer advanced pattern cutting and dressmaking courses and creative hand stitching workshops, take a look at our full schedule of sewing classes here. 

The shop team is supported by a group of expert sewing teachers who impart their valuable knowledge in the sewing school. We all love what we do and love being part of the growing vibrant and dynamic sewing community. Come and visit us or get in touch via social media - we want to see and share what you’ve created, that’s what it’s all about!