• Prym 154970 - Sewing Machine Needles - Overlock

Prym 154970 - Sewing Machine Needles - Overlock

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Pack of 5 top quality universal overlocker machine needles in No. 80-90 (12-14) from Prym.

These universal overlocker needles have been developed for the requirements of overlock machines and are precisely tailored to the lifting speed of overlock machines due to their high level of stability. The premium workmanship of the reinforced shaft, a special needle geometry, and the small ball tip significantly reduce the risk of needle breakage and ensure pleasant work. Furthermore, a second thread groove supports chain stitches in overlock or coverlock. Any conventional overlock yarn can be used. These overlocker needles are designed for use in all household overlock machines and should not be used in normal household sewing machines.

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