Bag.uettes - Zero Waste Wave Bag - PDF Pattern

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Please note: This is a Digital Sewing Pattern, not a Physical Paper Pattern. This PDF pattern is a digital download that must be printed at home or at a copy shop. You will receive an email with a link to download the pattern, which will give you several printing options.

Each bag is constructed from a single rectangular piece of fabric without producing any scraps or waste in the process.

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The ZWWave, or Zero Waste Wave bag, is for carrying your favorite things: for keeping them safe and for showing them off.

The bag comes in three sizes and styles. Small is a handheld bag with one handle for a special bottle. Medium is an over-the-shoulder tote with your choice of a rectangular or circular strap detail. Large is an over-the-shoulder or cross-body yoga mat carrier.

Level: The pattern is suitable for Advanced Beginners and up.

Fabric Yardage/Meterage:
The pattern contains cutting layouts with all the dimensions you need to make your own ZWWave but if you’d like to get a head start on knowing yardage/meterage, here are the dimensions of each size’s rectangle:
-Small: 9”/22.5cm x 20”/50cm
-Medium: 15.5”/39cm x 30”/76cm
-Large: 14.25”/36cm x 48”/122cm

Recommended Fabric:
The pattern was designed for medium to heavy weight woven fabrics, which are identical on front and back. Cotton canvas or a similar fabric e.g. waxed canvas, oilskin, twill, half panama, etc. work well. In terms of weight, these fabrics are generally around 8-10oz / 270-340 g/m2. However, experimenting is possible:
-Heavier weight fabrics will add more structure but might be harder to work with around the wave curve.
-Lighter weight fabrics will be easier to work with around the wave curve but will be less structural.
-Fabrics that are different each side (prints, or even leather, etc). are possible to work with but might not be zero waste in the end.
-Scraps would be fun to use and reduce waste: arguably better than zero waste!

PDF Details:
-Instructions full of diagrams & text guiding you through the process of making your own ZWWave bag
-Pattern piece (1-page, Letter/A4, print-at-home friendly!) with 14 wave sizes so you can easily size up or down