Bag.uettes - Zero Waste Tank Tote - PDF Pattern

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Please note: This is a Digital Sewing Pattern, not a Physical Paper Pattern. This PDF pattern is a digital download that must be printed at home or at a copy shop. You will receive an email with a link to download the pattern, which will give you several printing options.

Each bag is constructed from a single rectangular piece of fabric without producing any scraps or waste in the process.

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The ZWTankTote, or Zero Waste Tank Tote, is a versatile, unlined tote bag with an over-the-shoulder length strap. The bag is both functional and elegant; it has the silhouette of a utility tote bag and curved details reminiscent of a summer bikini or tank top.

The pattern includes four options of where to place the semi-circular pockets, as well as a choice to make the bag from either one fabric type or two contrasting fabrics.

Level: The pattern is Intermediate level. The construction of the bag requires sewing with small seam allowances, sewing both straight and curved seams, and finishing seams. View D omits the curved pockets, meaning that the tricky step of pressing and sewing convex curves is eliminated. Feel free to choose this view if you prefer something slightly more beginner-friendly, albeit not completely zero waste. Otherwise, Views A, B, and C are identical in terms of difficulty level and number of steps.

Fabric Yardage/Meterage:
The pattern contains cutting layouts with all the dimensions you need to make your own ZWTankTote but if you’d like to get a head start on knowing yardage/meterage, here are the dimensions of the fabric required:
-Two fabric option: 13”x31.5” (33x80cm) x 2
-One fabric option: 26”x31.5” (66x80cm)

Recommended Fabric:
This pattern is best suited for medium-to-heavyweight woven fabrics at around 10-14oz/yard (340-475 g/m2). If you are making the bag out of two fabric types, the inner fabric “type 1” works best in the upper fabric weight range while the outer fabric “type 2” works best in the lower range. Using a lighter weight fabric works fine; the bag will just have less structure. Stiff cotton canvas, waxed canvas, twill, denim, oilskin, etc. fabrics work well.


PDF Details:
-Instructions full of diagrams & text guiding you through the process of making your own ZWTankTote bag
-Three minimal waste options for transferring the pattern onto fabric:
(1) Measure & Mark cutting layouts included within instructions; printing only 2 pages Letter/A4 paper is required.
(2) Print-at-Home version compatible with Letter/A4 paper; printing 8 pages is required.
(3) A0 version for projector sewing.