Organic Bamboo Silk - Sundae

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Price is per HALF metre. Multiple quantities will be cut as a continuous length.

This fabric is woven using 100% organic bamboo fibres and Oeko-Tex certified dyes. 

120cm wide. 130g/m2.


Our organic bamboo ‘vegan silk’ is only available at Ray Stitch and comes in a beautiful range of in-house colours. A closely woven fabric which is lightweight and flowing but gives a heavy, silky drape and a beautiful satin finish. Fabulously versatile - use it for blouses, party dresses, night wear, day wear, scarves, pillowcases, luxurious linings…..

*Please note when calculating quantity that this fabric may shrink. We recommend that you prewash this fabric before cutting on a gentle or delicate cycle such as 30˚, or hand wash where possible with mild detergent. Avoid tumble drying. Iron on a cool silk setting.


30% off 50m full roll of any one colour.

20% off over 50m total, mixed colours 10metre min.

10% off over 10m of any one colour.

Please contact to place an order.

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Production notes: The raw material is sourced in China and all stages of the manufacturing process are carried out by a leading Chinese producer of eco-friendly textiles. Read about the manufacturer here.

The raw material is 100% organically grown bamboo (
OCIA certification for international standards, NOP for USA standards) from sustainably managed bamboo forests (FSC certification).

The use of harmful metals and chemicals in the manufacturing process is strictly controlled and uses a closed-loop system. The fabric conforms to Oeko-Tex Class 1 Standards and is safe for all uses.

Bamboo fibres are bio-degradable. As a natural cellulose fibre, it can be completely biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine. The decomposition process doesn't cause any pollution to the environment.

Bamboo fibres good hygroscopicity and excellent permeability, the natural wicking abilities make it super absorbent.