• Oil Cloth - 8oz Dry Wax Cotton - Black

Oil Cloth - 8oz Dry Wax Cotton - Black

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Price is per HALF metre.

Mediumweight British Millerain® Staywax* cotton. 

100% BCI approved Cotton : 148cm wide : 345gsm

Dyed and finished in the UK.


Oilcloth or waxed cotton was developed by British Millerain as one of the first modern waterproof fabrics. Today it can be used to make luxurious waterproof coats and bags.

*Staywax is British Millerains innovative washable waxed cotton. Using a special blend of waxes to create a fabric with a slightly drier hand than traditional wax, with the added benefit of being machine washable.

Uses: Clothing, Jackets, bags, gaiters, aprons, dog coats.