• Oil Cloth - 8oz Waxed Cotton - Red

Oil Cloth - 8oz Waxed Cotton - Red

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Price is per HALF metre.

Mediumweight Millerain® waxed cotton. Dyed and finished in the UK.

100% BCI approved Cotton : 148cm wide : 345gsm


Oilcloth or waxed cotton was developed by British Millerain as one of the first modern waterproof fabrics. Today it can be used to make luxurious waterproof coats and bags.

A garment made from Antique has all the character of an old pair of jeans; its authentically aged appearance gives the lived-in look that is sought after for casual wear. Antique distresses over time and develops a soft sheen reminiscent of a well-worn leather.

Take special care with your traditional waxed cotton. Conventional washing will cause severe damage. To clean any dirt or dust wipe with a cold damp cloth or use a soft brush to remove very small mud or dust fibres.

Do not dry clean, machine wash or tumble dry

Do not use soap or detergent

Do not Iron or starch

Store in a well ventilated area and avoid leaving in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time