Simple Weave by Kerstin Neumüller

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An introduction to weaving without large looms, with 15 weaving projects and a guide to making your own tools.

In Simple Weave, the world of weaving opens beyond gigantic looms and inaccessible patterns. Kerstin Neumüller demonstrates how you can weave with tools that are easy to make yourself and often small enough to fit in your pocket.

This simple but inspirational guide is for those who have never woven but are eager to try, as well as for experienced weavers interested in working with flexible and portable tools. Practical and beautiful keepsakes to make include Scandi-style bands, bracelets, pencil and laptop cases and a wall hanging. Kerstin also shares her journey from textiles to woodworking, offering instructions for how to make your own pocket-sized weaving tools.

The book is divided into three accessible chapters:

  1. Techniques and basic weaving theory.
  2. 15 achievable weaving projects including bands, a pencil case, coasters and tea towels. 
  3. Making your own tools. This section includes descriptions of how to carve a heddle, make a weave stretcher, carve a backstrap loom and make a frame loom. 

Enjoy the mindfulness and rhythm of this traditional craft and create bespoke, contemporary pieces to fit your own style. 

Publisher: Bastford
ISBN: 9781849948050
Number of pages: 127