Merchant & Mills - The Fielder Dress & Sweater

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The Fielder dress and top is based on a traditional sweatshirt. Imagined in our laundered linen with a matching cotton rib. It features three quarter length raglan sleeves and inseam side pockets. We have used a cotton elastane 2x2 cuffing rib which comfortably stretches by half again. If using an alternative rib, check the stretch on a 10cm measurement. If it stretches less than 15cms, cut with a generous seam allowance (5cm) and to be safe, pin, tack and try on. Pocket bags can be cut in the main fabric or lining.

Sizes: 6-18 UK

Level: Advanced beginner

Fabric recommendations: Choose a laundered linen, soft cotton, flannel, lightweight wool or lightweight denim. This style could be converted to jersey but the darts will need to be removed taking some pattern cutting know-how - choose something that's quite stable if you do this. 

Notions: Matching thread. Stay tape - 20-30cm approx 5mm wide. Pocket bags can be cut in self or lining fabric. Tubular ribbing: Dress all sizes - 0.25M. Top sizes 6 - 14 - 0.40M. Top sizes 16 - 18 - 0.45M.

See image for sizing measurements and material requirements.