Ray Stitch Focus: Ruby Star Society

It will come as no surprise to you that we love fabric and get very excited when new ranges come out. Some collections are understated, subtle and restrained... and others are not! When we saw the new collections from the Ruby Star Society we couldn't wait to share them with our customers - they are bright, bold and extremely brilliant. We are carrying Social & Spark, and Crescent & Brushed. Feast your eyes on these!

All collections are printed on Ruby Star cotton, a lighter weight quilting (but still 100%) cotton with a beautifully soft feel and drape, which makes it perfectly suited for both quilting and garment sewing. We made the 'All Day Shirt' by Leisl & Co. using 'Good Morning Red' for a modern shirt with fabulous 60/70s vibe (and of course, we used the selvedges too!) This pairing just goes to show how a pattern can be totally transformed by using a particular fabric. We can imagine some wonderful dresses and skirts too, but admittedly, these aren't for the faint-hearted so if you want a more subtle way to use this collection, how about as a stunning winter coat lining?

The story behind the Society is just as inspiring as the collections themselves. Ruby Star Society was formed when 5 textile designers came together to work collaboratively: Melody Miller, Alexia Abegg, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kimberly Kight and Sarah Watts had all forged successful careers individually but found that together, they could use their talents to create something much bigger as a whole, than on their own. This philosophy is extended to us, the people who go on to use their fabrics to create things of our own, and therefore, the Society is for everyone to join and be part of a collective group. Founded in 2013 the five women wanted to build and hold a space for themselves, and each other, to feel free to experiment and dream as well as drive and get projects through to completion. They are very honest in describing the creative process and running a business as a flow, with ups and downs, but as a collective, they (and we) are stronger together. This community aspect is one of the greatest things about the sewing world.

"The history of quilting is rich and beautiful: generations of women stitching together fabrics woven with memories, dreams, and secrets. But it’s also a story of companionship, connection between artists, and the powerful things that happen when you work hard to keep a skill alive and celebrate both all that it meant in the past and what it creates for the future."

We love this analogy; it is something we strive for and can see happening too, both in the shop and the sewing school. (But happily, it's not just women getting involved.)

If you want to know more about the Ruby Star Society, there is a short film on their website, as well as lots of information on each of the designers. Or if you want to increase the amount of colour on your daily Instagram feed then you can find them here. As always, we are thrilled when you show us what you have made so please tag us on your social media posts using #raystitch so we can share them and can keep the inspiration flowing.