Introducing our New Eco Micromodal fabric!

We are very excited to share our latest range of exclusive Ray Stitch fabric with you - new Eco Micromodal in 10 fabulous in-house colours!

We know how important sustainability is to our customers so we have spent a long time sourcing fabric that not only looks and feels amazing but has feel-good eco qualities too. Read on to find out more about the responsible manufacturing process.

This fabric has the dreamiest drape so we have used it to good effect with these two patterns: a gathered waist mid-length dress Vogue 1558 in Dark Olive and a gathered bust v-neck dress Simplicity 8835 in Manuka.


Other patterns that would work include The Olivia Wrap Dress or the ever-popular Kielo Wrap Dress, both by Named Clothing. The Ebony T-shirt from Closet Core patterns would be really special made from micromodal, or everyday elegance with a Chai T-Shirt from Liesl & Co. I red below is a version of the Inari cropped dress or T, also from Named Patterns.


As a stretchy and silky fabric, modal can be a bit trickier to work with, a walking foot on your machine can really help but don't be tempted to pull the fabric through as you will distort your seams. If you have an overlocker, that would be even better! As a knit fabric, modal won't fray and doesn't need to be ironed but we recommend a gentle wash before cutting your pattern.

But what is Modal/Micromodal?

Modal is celebrated for its silky softness and superb drape. It is produced from natural fibres which means it is breathable, absorbs water, is shrink resistant and holds dye well. Moisture absorbing fabrics, like modal, are a good choice for eczema-prone skin.
Micromodal is a finer knit than standard modal which makes the end product even more luxurious. The fabric is incredibly easy to wash and care for - it’s long, strong fibres mean that it is far less prone to shrinking, wrinkling and pilling. It can be used in an array of textile products - lingerie, babywear, t-shirts, soft dresses, light cardigans… so many possibilities!

So how is it made?

Modal fibres are produced from dissolving wood pulp in a responsibly managed, multi-stage chemical process. Micromodal is a specific type of modal that is produced in almost exactly the same way but these fibres are made to be incredibly thin, meaning that they can be more tightly woven and the fabric produced will be much finer.

How is Modal Sustainable?

Modal fabrics are made from natural materials (wood!) and are completely biodegradable so they are seen as a sustainable textile, but that is not always the case. If the wood fibres are not sourced responsibly or the chemical systems used in the process are not to a high standard, the manufacture of modal and micromodal textiles can be excessively harmful to the environment so it is really important to check the origins of your fabric - the modal supply chain can contribute to deforestation by using wood grown in areas of rainforest that have been cleared to make way for mono-crop timber plantations, often using ancient woodstock. 
Our micromodal fabric derives from replenishable beech wood grown in Austria, and it is produced by one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of wood-based fibres in the world. As a leading investor in technology over many years, the company can now claim their modal to be one of the most sustainable fibres in the textile industry. They employ a COneutral system which involves an advanced closed-loop process, where up to 95% of the chemicals used during the production are recycled, to produce cellulose wood pulp which is then spun into high-quality fibres.
Additionally, as an alternative to cotton, wood-based fibres are seen to have a significantly lower impact on the environment as they do not require the same levels of intensive watering or the use of pesticides.
If you would like to feel the fabulous fabric for yourself we have put together swatch packs featuring all 10 colours. To get one for free, email us today with your name and address (UK only, 1 per customer, offer ends at 6.30pm Weds 9 Sep) to  Be quick!