Organic Cotton Dunweave - Black/Beige

Price per HALF metre.

Heavyweight yarn dyed fabric handwoven in Kerala, India using 100% organic and fair trade cotton. Lovely thick, hard-wearing fabric suitable for upholstery, bags, cushions and outerwear. This fabric is characterised by being woven using a different colour for the warp and for the weft creating an unusual two-tone fabric. The raw spun weft threads give the fabric a rugged texture, though the softness of the yarn allows comfort against the skin.

100% organic and fair trade* cotton. 120cm wide. Approximately 342 g/m2. *This cannot be guaranteed as the weaver may not be able to obtain fair trade certified yarn for a particular batch and is untraceable once woven.


Production notes: Raw material is certified organically-grown from India though location unknown, and spun into yarn in India at a GOTS-certified mill. The cloth is woven on small power looms in a small fair trade community in Kerala, India.