Prym 977621 - Transparent Sewing Thread - Black

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200 metres of transparent sewing thread in clear colour. No. 70.

This particularly fine thread is especially suitable for all very fine fabrics, such as silk and for colour-patterned and transparent fabrics. Depending on the colour of the fabric you can use the light-coloured or the dark-coloured sewing thread, in order to achieve an almost invisible seam. The transparent sewing thread is available in 200m lengths on sewing machine bobbins and is therefore ideal for immediate use on the sewing machine.

It is made from 100% polyamide, is highly tear-resistant and can be machine-washed at temperatures up to 95 degrees. A groove on the bottom and the cover of the bobbin makes it possible to secure the loose end of the thread, when it is not in use.

Code: 977 621